📢Subscribe CTA Text and Subtext

Digital Nomad enables you to enhance your publication's by integrating a Subscribe Call to Action (CTA) text and subtext inside Header CTA Widget, Mobile Menu Subscribe Banner and Sidebar CTA Widget. Customize this text through 2 primary settings for a tailored visitor experience.

Subscribe CTA text

This is the primary text that users will see on the call-to-action (CTA) banner. It's typically the larger, more prominent message intended to grab attention and encourage subscriptions.

Subscribe CTA subtext

This is additional text that can provide more information or a secondary message. It's displayed in a smaller font, usually above the area where users enter their email address.


The text inside the notice is the text that you add in the Display notice at signup Portal setting. This feature allows you to include custom text and links to policies that should be displayed at the time of signup, to prompt agreement to your terms of service, or other policies.

To ensure the notice is displayed at signup, it's important to set the Require agreement setting to false. This adjustment is necessary due to the limitations of Ghost forms validation, which does not support adding checkbox fields to custom forms.

To customize:

  • Go to Settings > Design & branding from the admin menu

  • Click Homepage in the Design settings sidebar on the right

  • Enter your CTA text in text inputs inside Subscribe CTA text and Subscribe CTA subtext settings.

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