💸Membership Page

To create Membership page:

  1. Go to Pages from the admin menu

  2. Click the New page button in the top right corner

  3. Add the heading "Membership"

  4. Enter membership in Page URL setting input!

  5. Click the Template selector and choose the Membership option

  6. If you want, you can add an excerpt, that would be under the "Membership" title. To do this, add your preferable text inside the Excerpt setting text input.

  7. Click Publish

The Membership page in our theme supports adding content (e.g. FAQs). You can add any content you want, and it will be under membership tiers cards. If you want to add FAQs:

  1. Add any Heading (e.g. "FAQ" or "FAQs").

  2. To add a question with an answer - just simply add Toggle element.

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