📄Page Template

Digital Nomad includes a Page template, allowing for easy customization and styling of individual pages within your site.

Hide title and feature image:

Page template supports Ghost's @page.show_title_and_feature_image setting, which when set, allows you to hide the page’s title and feature image, providing a clean and simplified look for any individual page on your site. This feature can be particularly useful for pages where the visual content or text is self-explanatory, and the title or feature image may be deemed unnecessary.

To hide title and feature image:

When a page is featured, its header will appear differently compared to non-featured pages, offering a unique visual distinction.

Importantly, deploying full-width blocks on a featured page emulates the behavior observed when the @page.show_title_and_feature_image setting is deactivated on a non-featured page. This means that:

  • Whenever the page title and feature image are hidden, and the page content starts with a full-width card (such cards will have the class .kg-width-full), there is no spacing between the page head and content.

  • Whenever multiple full-width cards are stacked, there is no spacing between them.

  • Whenever content ends with a full-width card, there is no spacing between the content and the footer.

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